Google Analytics Statistics Differ from Other Tracking Platforms

Q: I noticed that all of my orders for this month are successfully running from the link I was provided. However, when I look at the stats in my Visitor Analytics app on my website which is a website provided by Wix I don't see the visitors showing up there. Does this have anything to do with my website being provided by Wix? I at least know the visitors are coming in. I'm just wondering why I haven't seen them show up in my own website stats.

A. It's important to note that Google Analytics is not the same as web analytics. Web analytics is a business process used to continuously improve your online business. Google Analytics is a tool to quantitatively measure what happens on your website.

Web analytics is not possible without data. But many organizations fail to realize that they need many different types of data to understand the performance of their website. Tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends, and Yahoo! Web Analytics generates quantitative, or clickstream, data. This data identifies where website traffic comes from and what it does on the site. It more or less tells what happened on a website.

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