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Refunds, Returns, and Subscription Cancellations Policy

Agreement: Completing the purchase of OUR Products & Packages and creating your account on our websites signifies your unconditional acceptance of our legal terms.

We stand behind KMI Marketing Inc 100% because not only do we know that the strategies & Tools we recommend can help you build a highly successful online business, but because we want to help you succeed.

Your success is really important to us...

That is why we offer a 100% money back refund guarantee on your purchase of KBI Marketing inc within 60 days of your purchase, provided that you show us you put our software and products into action and did not get the results that we suggest you can get.

Our software tools once purchased are non-refundable and returns are not accepted once the software has been download. However, the only exception to this rule would be if the software did not work as indicated.

So that our site can continue to offer instant commissions we ask that if there are any questions or concerns that you get in contact with us so that we can attempt to troubleshoot or mitigate any problems.

Please keep in mind that instant commissions are paid to the person that referred you to our products not to us (unless we directly referred you, also please check your PayPal receipt if you for some reason have a question about who will be effected by this decision).

We strongly ask that you do not ask for a refund or do a charge back as we don't want customers (including you) to be worrying about losing commissions to serial refunders or individuals that like to do charge backs!

Just don't make any purchases at all if you intend to ask for a refund or do a charge back as this will not only impact us but also the person who may have referred you who received the commission, besides it is just not good business, period!

Due to the nature of this offer and because you are receiving the complete software, with unencrypted source code and activation key, there can be no refunds for any reason. –

And to protect the integrity of all our products and the licensees there is NO money back guarantee.

We realize that this may turn some people away. And frankly we understand that this is not a great fit for everyone. But please understand, as a customer you could make your payment, download everything, use it in your business and then ask for a refund. But you would still have all of our software and content to use in your business. That would not be fair to us nor our other customers. Therefore we have chosen to not have a money back guarantee with this offer.

We have sold hundreds of products – including this very package – and pride ourselves on providing top quality support. We will be there when you need us.

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The guarantee that we offer is different to most make money online products for two reasons:

1 – We want to deter serial refunders and people torrenting our product and then just asking for a refund.

2 – We want to encourage members to take action. So many people buy products and courses and never take action, and then claim that the product is a scam or doesn’t work. Building a business takes work and effort, and we want to encourage that by removing the “easy out” of just asking for a refund without taking action.

So, if you don’t take action and request a refund, we will not refund you.

If you take action and have no success with our software, we will offer a 100% refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Thank you for your understanding,

A. M. Ronsen

Refund Policy

This website is owned and controlled by KBI Marketing

Refunds for services are not issued, unless the service was NOT delivered within the time frame specified. If a dispute is opened, because of a refund during the grace period, refund will not be issued.

In your claim for refund, please, include explanation of reasons for a refund, and your order information. Prior to ordering, please, make sure you have carefully read and understood the product’s system requirements.

If you are not sure about product compatibility, or have questions about product features, please contact our Client Support Service. All inquiries are free of charge. Upon confirmation of your request for a refund, you must also destroy all copies of the software you may have made or stored in any place, as well as uninstall the software from any computers owned or controlled by you where you have installed the software. All licenses you may have to use the software will be immediately terminated, and any further use of the software will be an infringement of copyrights as well as other intellectual property rights. No refunds are issued for provided services (including product installation, customization and software development) if provided services meet predefined specifications.

We'll be totally straight with you here... If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund, please don't order a license. This is a very limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the license for other people who are and who will put it to good use. We only want to work closely with serious marketers and genuine folks that are ready to take their business to the next level.

Please note, during the launch of products, refunds are not issued during the first 7 days. Please note, refund policy is respected per each product in the sales funnel.

Our software are being sold to "Internet Marketers With Integrity" only! If you do not fall into this category please do not purchase this software! The reason I have added this rule here is to help weed out all the people that constantly look for loop holes in my terms, and hurt the future sales value for everyone else! Keeping the value high for "YOU" as a customer is all I care about.

Anyone that can not abide by these terms "Please. Please, Please"

Do not purchase these software from me today! I do not need your money and if you can not follow these simple terms I do not want it, there will be someone else that will follow the rules that will want your software! Sorry to have to be so strict on this, but it will keep the value of the products higher for all resellers, please do not ask for exceptions in our support area to any of these terms, the answer will always be no, so do not waste our time with such requests.

Note: Some of our products do not qualify for a refund. If the product you purchased does qualify for a refund, Please read the following entirely:

No Refunds will be given if the product was purchased more than once and a bonus was offered by an affiliate. Too many buyers have been abusing the system by purchasing a product from multiple affiliates just to get a bonus and then request refunds from 1 or all purchases made. This will not be tolerated and no refund will be given.

If you bought a big screen TV at any store and you received a special gift for your purchase like a surround sound system. If you took the TV back you would not expect to be able to keep the surround sound system? Would you?

Because this is a digitally delivered product, you can not return the bonuses you received for purchasing multiple times. This is why this policy is in place. Thanks for understanding.

Serial refunders and those that attempt to abuse the above policy, will be banned from all future purchases by name, email, and IP address. We track every refund requested and if you have purchased more than one product and requested refunds on more than 50% of your purchases, then you are considered a serial-refunder.

If you qualify for a refund, please note that it can anywhere from  7-14 Days to process your refund. Thanks for being patient.

KBI Marketing may, but are under no obligation to, honor requests for refunds for the following reasons:

Always remember to cancel your membership prior to the next release of the Monthly Internet Products, which is always by the 11th of the current month. Don’t ask for a refund after the newest sets have been released.

You Can Of Course Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time…

But – If for any reason you can’t access the website or the content after your initial purchase,

please contact support CLICK HERE

and we will try to resolve the problem, if we can’t solve your issue through our support system within 10 days, we will promptly issue a full refund.

It is our intention to have HAPPY Customers…


If it’s your intention to gain access and download our material, then ask for a refund, the answer is NO, that will not be tolerated, and no refund will be issued. We have to take this stance because not everyone is as honest as we think everybody should be. There are some “Serial Refunders”: out there who gain access to websites ( such as ours) just to download products for free and then ask for a refund! We track user IP Addresses and do our best to stop this kind of activity on our website.

We handle refunds via PayPal Every Friday at close of business, not including all holidays.


DO NOT START A CLAIM on PayPal, as it damages our reputation as a merchant. We have nothing to gain by holding your money hostage if you can not access the product.

*** If you file a dispute on PayPal directly instead of asking for a refund via our support desk, then our refund consideration is “null-and-void” and we will fight the dispute. And All Of Your Membership Levels Will Be De-Activated Without Notice***

Most Of You Should Know That PayPal Has A Very Clear “No Refund Policy” On Downloadable Digital Content..

We reserve the right to modify these terms as they may needed, and we are under no responsibility to notify you of any changes that may occur now and in the future.

Support Is Included: This package is sold with full support. We have provided you with simple instructions and all the resources you need to succeed in each package. We will also offer full support after your purchase. We will also offer support to all of the customers that you sell the products to or license the rights to on an ongoing basis through our support forum. You understand that many of these software products may interact with web sites on the Internet. If any of these sites ever change the way they work such as links on said sites, it may affect the function of the software you are buying. The good news is that you will also own the source code to all software so should any software ever fail to work due to changes on the Internet or anything else, it is your responsibility to hire a programmer to make changes to the software not ours we do not plan updates to any of the software due to changes on the internet or any of the sites the software may interact with.. It will be your responsibility to set up any web pages, sales letters and payment links to any of the products that you decide to resell.

If you have any questions or are not clear on any of the rights listed below please contact submit a support ticket at www.CustomerDesk.org prior to purchasing, as there are no refunds for any reason after that.

NO SPAM Policy:  If you choose to become a JV Partner and promote this offer, you may not use UCE (unsolicited commercial email) in your marketing efforts. If you are accused of spamming, your account will be terminated immediately and without warning. Simply put - DO NOT SPAM!

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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